Pickleball in the UK: The Rise of a New Sporting Sensation and Where You Can Play

Pickleball UK

In the last few years, the sporting landscape of the UK has witnessed the emergence of a new and exciting game – Pickleball. Despite its unusual name, this US-imported sport has gained increasing popularity due to its accessible rules, inclusive nature, and engaging gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a beginner looking to delve into a new sport, this comprehensive guide will help you understand the growth of Pickleball in the UK and where you can play it.

The Growth of Pickleball in the UK

While Pickleball originated in the United States, its appeal has crossed borders and oceans to reach international shores. In the UK, the sport started gaining recognition in the early 2010s. Its popularity has surged in recent years, with more clubs being formed and tournaments being held across the country.

Part of Pickleball’s charm lies in its adaptability. It combines elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis into a unique and exciting game. Moreover, its simple rules and low-impact nature make it an attractive sport for players of all ages and abilities, including those looking for a fun way to stay active.

The UK Pickleball Association

The growth of Pickleball in the UK led to the formation of the UK Pickleball Association (UKPA). The UKPA is dedicated to promoting the sport across the country, offering resources for players and clubs, and organising tournaments. The association also provides a platform for players to connect, fostering a sense of community among Pickleball enthusiasts.

Where to Play Pickleball in the UK

As Pickleball continues to grow in popularity, an increasing number of facilities across the UK have opened their doors to the sport. Whether you’re in England, Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, you’re likely to find a place to play.

  1. England: Numerous Pickleball clubs have popped up across England. The Milton Keynes Pickleball Club, the Kirtlington Pickleball Club in Oxfordshire, and the York Pickleball Club are just a few examples. Additionally, some leisure centres, like the Hinckley Leisure Centre in Leicestershire, have designated Pickleball sessions.
  2. Scotland: Scotland is not far behind in the Pickleball wave. The Scottish Pickleball Association lists multiple clubs on their website, including the Edinburgh Pickleball Club, the Falkirk Pickleball Club, and the West Lothian Pickleball Club.
  3. Wales: In Wales, you can enjoy Pickleball at locations like the Sport Wales National Centre in Cardiff and the Holywell Leisure Centre in Flintshire. The Welsh Pickleball Association provides information on additional playing locations.
  4. Northern Ireland: While Pickleball is still gaining ground in Northern Ireland, there are already places to play, like the Lisburn Racquets Club in Lisburn.

Finding Pickleball Tournaments in the UK

For those interested in competitive play, several Pickleball tournaments take place across the UK throughout the year. The UKPA hosts the annual UK National Pickleball Championships. Regional tournaments, like the South West Regional Pickleball Tournament in Devon and the Scottish Open Pickleball Championship, are also becoming increasingly popular.


Pickleball’s emergence in the UK represents a refreshing addition to the country’s diverse sports scene. With a burgeoning community of players, a growing number of clubs and facilities, and the establishment of national and regional tournaments, Pickleball has truly found a home in the UK. If you haven’t tried this exciting sport yet, now is the perfect time to pick up a paddle and give it a go. It’s time to join the Pickleball revolution in the UK!

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