The 5 Best Pickleball Paddle Edge Tapes

Edge tape is a fundamental accessory for serious pickleball players. Not only does it protect your paddle from routine wear and tear, but it can also influence your paddle’s balance and weight. With numerous options available on the market, it’s essential to choose the right edge tape for your paddle. Here are some of the best pickleball paddle edge tape options available online, which you can purchase directly from Amazon.

1. Gamma Supreme Pickleball Paddle Overgrip

Designed to offer both comfort and durability, the Gamma Supreme Pickleball Paddle Overgrip is a popular choice among pickleball players. This overgrip provides excellent sweat absorption, ensuring a firm grip even in high-intensity games. The Gamma Supreme Overgrip is a practical option that also prolongs the lifespan of your paddle.

2. PROLITE  Paddle Edge Tape

PROLITE  Paddle Edge Tape offers premium protection for your paddle. Designed to fit paddles of all sizes, this edge tape shields the rim from damage while maintaining the paddle’s balance. It’s an excellent option for those who want a high-quality, durable edge tape that doesn’t affect their gameplay.

3. Tourna Pickleball Paddle Edge Tape

Tourna Pickleball Paddle Edge Tape is renowned for its durability and easy application. This edge tape is designed to withstand the harshest conditions and protect your paddle against chips, dings, and scratches. Moreover, it doesn’t add significant weight, ensuring that your paddle’s balance remains unaltered.

4. Wakdop Pickleball Paddle Edge Tape

Designed with a heavy-duty adhesive, Wakdop’s Pickleball Paddle Edge Tape sticks reliably to your paddle, ensuring long-lasting protection. The Tape is robust and offers reliable safeguarding for your paddle, preserving its look and extending its lifespan.

5. HUNTARMOR Pickleball Paddle Edge Tape

The HUNTARMOR Pickleball Paddle Edge Tape offers excellent protection without influencing the weight or balance of your paddle significantly. This edge tape is easy to apply and effectively absorbs shock, prolonging your paddle’s life and keeping it in great shape.


A quality edge tape is a small investment that can significantly impact your pickleball paddle’s longevity and your gameplay. The products listed above are among the best available on the market, offering exceptional protection without compromising the paddle’s performance. Choose the one that suits your paddle and playstyle, and enjoy a heightened pickleball experience.

Kyle Buckland

With years of experience on the pickleball court, I've dedicated myself to helping others discover and excel in this thrilling game. Through this platform, I'm committed to sharing the strategies, techniques, and community spirit that make pickleball a game for all.

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